Creative Watercolour course

Abstract scene using watercolours, drawing inks, leaves and cling film to give blending and impression of textures.

  • Thoroughly wet paper (which is masking taped to board)
  • Working quickly so it doesn’t dry – Add watercolour patches randomly, allowing them to blend together
  • Place leaves, ferns and grasses into paint – must be relatively flat, not thick glossy leaves, lots of texture good
  • Ensure paint is still wet, spray if necessary
  • Cover with cling film, press down and accentuate the crinkles and wrinkles.
  • using a pippette – drip drawing ink down under cling film and encourage it to run into the creases to give lines and veins by tipping paper
  • Allow to fully dry (a day or two) like this, add weight on top if needed to press cling film down
  • Remove cling film and leaves

Note how much lighter the watercolours are once dry – something I’ll need to remember and be aware of.

Love the textures, patterns and lines this has made. Could be useful as a background method. Also could try this on a portrait A3 paper, watercolour a blue cloudy sky in top half/third, then use this method for landscape on bottom part, leaves and foliage in foreground….

To be continued…..

Session 2:

For the Sky: Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Blue, Lemon Yellow. Use wet and allow to run.

Then quickly scrape back the paint off the tree trunks using a credit card.

Paint on bark using credit card – dark on one side, light the other.

Faint shadows on snow.

Paint in trees on the skyline, keep the line rough.

Splatter with white for snow


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