Study Days and Courses

Pinch and Coil Pottery Course: 28/29 Sept

Weekend course learning some basic pottery techniques. Shown the technique and then everyone made their own designs. I made 2 vases, attempting to get same design but different sizes (easier said than done):

Shape of my first taller pot was better – round bulbous base, tapering to vertical neck with small frilled edge. My second try at repeating the same form has different proportions – wider neck and much wider frill.

Made an assortment of flowers and seed pods to go into the vases. Once fired I will thread metal rods (or perhaps canes) through the pod holes and secure above and below with nuts, and on the flat flowers I will glue the rods onto the backs.

Colours: all to be quite natural – vases dark brown and flowers assortment of yellow and orange.

Waiting for the clay to totally dry before firing and then glazing…


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