Assignment 1

Tutor feedback to Part 1 and my thoughts on it

My tutor liked that I had been experimenting with mixed media and paint, and encouraged me to continue this which I will definitely do – so much to explore and learn!

He also suggests I continue to develop layering paint to build depth on the surface, and explore line, tone and texture in abstracted ways, as opposed to focussing on representation accuracy. This is great as I’ve really been focussing on trying to be more abstract in Part 2 – exploring using palette knives and wedges etc rather than just brushes to give more texture and different lines.

He suggests that I spend more time sketching and trialing ideas before starting. This should help with getting the tonal properties correct and the contrast between light and dark areas. Definitely something I’m becoming more aware of, especially when painting interiors. On receiving this feedback, I revisited the interior pieces I was working on and added more variation between tones – creates a clearer sense of depth and space within the room.

As far as research is concerned, he suggests that I choose 2 or 3 artworks each time and compare and contrast these in more detail. I’ll certainly give this a go in future though I’d completed all the research for Part 2 before receiving this advise.

He says how important it is to take as much inspiration as possible from other artists through visiting exhibition (as I’ve been doing, especially over the summer) and reading a range of books. He suggested I get a couple of books 1. Vitamin P – New Perspectives in Painting, by Barry Schwabsky (2002) – bought this and reading through. 2. A Brush with the Real: Figurative Painting Today (Elephant Books) (2014) – too expensive for me, maybe I’ll find it in a library…

In summary, Pointers for the next assignment:
● Continue to experiment and explore your visual thinking in different ways, both in terms of medium and subjects. Focus on your processes rather than final outcomes at this stage and build confidence with your application of paint. – loving experimenting, there’s so much to learn. I’ve explored applying Acrylics with tools and well as brushes which I find frees me up more, and am persevering with the troublesome Gouache as I love its vibrancy. Going to invest in Oil paints for the next part to see how they compare.
● Develop greater contrast in your work but spending more time observing the tonal properties of your subject. Exaggerating the relationship between light and dark may reveal a more realistic three-dimensional space. – something I’ll really need to focus on and learn to exaggerate as I can see how it’s the contrast that adds reality.
● The subject of the next assignment can be approached in a traditional way, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Push the creative boundaries of your practice and utilise what you learn from your contextual research.
● Search the OCA website for resources and guides on academic writing and critical reflection, including how to use Harvard referencing when citing your research sources. – I’ve done this and am now using PaperPile to help with referencing.


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