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Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize – Salisbury 12th Sept 2019 with OCA SW students

Visit to an exhibition in The Salisbury Museum of this years top 68 drawings from the 1800 entries.

There was a feeling amongst my fellow students that this years panel of judges were rather different in what they liked and struggled to reach any consensus. One obviously liked realistic careful pencil studies with great detail, but lacking originality. Another liked very rough sketches that would normally then progress into a final piece. And finally there were the more contemporary, concept type pieces.

This is the 1st prize winner. Rather a puzzle as to why it won – no great study of her skin tones or how the light fall on it, and that eye is just too minimal for us to see into her soul …

Now everyone agreed that this piece is stunning and really should have won in our rather uneducated opinion. The mood and stance of these figures is captured to a tee with minimal lines or fuss. The texture of the shiney surface added to the feeling of isolation, perhaps in mist or rain but certainly in their own worlds. Negative space added last.

This is a crop from this beautiful study of two women holding a boat. The movement of this woman is captured by drawing 2 adjoining views of her face. But it is that central eye that captivates me – how clever to get it to look perfect for both views – love it.

An abstract doodle carried forward with details accentuated. Perhaps started as those runs of yellow and black ink. Blue and yellow with touches of their secondary colour green.

Also in the museum, an exhibition by Ann-Marie James called Alchemy, Artefacts Reimagined. These were a series of large, gorgeous paintings in gold and white. Layers and reflections, runs and accidental marks together with printed geometric shapes and lines. Interesting to reflect on whether these would work as stand alone pieces or whether, as we suspected, it is the fact that there is a series with so many variations that is its appeal.


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