Further research suggested for Part 2

Charles Avery:

Born in Oban, Charles Avery works between studios in London and Mull. Since 2004 he has focussed all his work on ‘The Island’, an imaginary place that he continues to build and expand. Populated by humans together with imaginary creatures, plants and trees that do not grow or reproduce, architecture from all places and times,

Drawings, sculpture and texts.

Mainly pencil, ink and acrylic on paper.

The drawings show minute detail with considered shading. Limited use of colour – just for highlighting odd things. Slim human figures amongst objects both known and made up. Pyramids with UK high street buildings. Images fade towards the edge of the paper.

Time consuming, meticulous work. Very interesting to study each piece and work out it’s story. A lot of thought and preparation obviously goes into each piece. Although I love this work, it’s not a style I could reproduce – far too detailed and fine drawing for me to achieve.

Hernan Bar:

Contemporary American artist. His homosexuality is apparent in many of his paintings which commonly feature young men, no women. Uses acrylic in a part realistic, part abstract style. Colourful and intense.

I like the use of colour in these – realistic with some bright highlights that draw your eye. Simple representation of plant for example. Blocks of colour rather than serious blending.


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