Study Days and Courses

Creative Watercolour course

17th January, half day

Objective: To create a snowy woodland scene showing shadows in the snow.

Background first: Wetting paper so paint runs to give effect of distant forms. Drying and then adding payers with more detail, darker tones as become nearer.

Larger trees: choose light/dark sides. Paint applied with side of dry brush so scratchy and leaves white areas.

Snow shadows: varying tones, keep wet so blends out. Dark lines to show folds in ground and give form. Add hints of branches and roots poking through snow.

Pleased with this but looking at it now I needed to be clear about which direction to low winter sun was coming from, or maybe it’s just from behind through the trees? Needs more of the far distant foliage really to give a woodland effect. Just used 2 colours: Ultra Marine Blue and Burnt Sienna which keep it simple and wintry (when there a lack of colour generally). Could have splattered with white spots when dry to seem like it’s snowing…

21st February, half day:

Snowdrops in snow.

Drew snowdrops lightly with pencil and then used masking fluid to block them out so that areas are left white when background done.

Lots of water then Phthalo blue, Ultramarine, Rose Madder, Violet allowed to run. Keep edges clear. Make sure dark colour around flowers to make them more striking.

Dry then remove masking fluid.

Shading to flower petals in violet and bit of green (phthalo + lemon yellow)

Snow shadows with violet.

Flower petals worked well and look delicate / realistic. Background is OK but rather messy – I kept tipping the paper in all directions but should have left it for longer in just a few so that it had a chance to run out.

Snow would have been better given more time but it was a rush at the end! Messy bottom corner unfortunately. Good techniques learnt thought using the masking fluid. Definitely need to practice letting the paint run and blend without mushing together.


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