Exhibitions & Books

Local Exhibition visits

1. Lifton Art Group exhibition 27th July 2019

Approx 20 local artists gathered to show their work. Traditional water colours, acrylics, some collage and pastels. Interesting that virtually everyone had postcards of their main pieces available for purchase.

Chatted with one of the water colour artists about her techniques which she was happy to discuss. Using granules of salt on wet water colour – the pigment is attracted to the salt and forms an interesting effect. Leave to dry and then brush off salt. Quite tricky to get the amount ‘just right’. Also using cling film onto wet water colour – leaves a mark similar to texture with random lines and tones where water collects.

2. Drawn to the Valley exhibition 2nd August 2019 Tavistock

Drawn to the Valley is a large group of artists based around the Tamar Valley. This was a large exhibition with perhaps 50 artists showing work. Some of the highlights for me:

Julia Odell, Propeller Repair, Charcoal

On thick cartridge paper with lots of texture showing. My photo doesn’t do it justice unfortunately as the sun was shining in from the window above. Neat bold lines and lovely use of rubbing out lines as outline which really sets it off.


Nicholas Palmer, Elephantine Landscape, Pen & Ink

Imaginary landscapes, almost doodles, with masses of tiny marks giving dark toned areas with light. Variation in marks too from straight lines to dots to squiggles. Is that the elephant standing on top of the rocks? Pulls you in to study them – where is this world? What’s happening in the cave? Are those ruined bridges in the background? …

Nicholas Palmer, Estuary, Acrylics

Same artist but completely different style! Vibrant colours draws me in, almost iridescent and oil like.

Katy Choroszewska, Lily of the Valley, Paint and Stitch

On first look a watercolour with black outlining but the black lines are actually extremely fine stitching. Very unusual and a new technique to me.

Janet Brady, Mt Fuji Dreams, Watercolour

Janet and her husband Peter live just around the corner from me and have both produced several pieces based upon a trip to Japan last year. This is a calm watercolour with lovely reflections in the mid ground and trees in the foreground.

Jackie Lowman, Enchanted Wood, mixed media

Jackie Lowman, Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor, mixed media

Lots of texture in both of these including using real fern leaves I think. Texture on the rocks. I wonder if these are the same setting with the top one being more abstract? Limited pallet of greens.

Gudrun Taresch, Tree of Life, Stained and Fused Glass with hardwood

I love the use of glass here with a strong light coming through. I have done several pieces myself incorporating glass into wood or stone carvings – the materials go so well together. Interesting overlay on the glass of a branch like form.


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