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Galleries Day: 18th July 2019

A couple of friends and I traveled down to the end of Cornwall to see a few galleries.

Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange:

Fathom, exhibition of video, drawings and photos by Simon Faithfull.

A collection of works related to the artists interaction with water: Sinking in a mangrove type forest, walking into an aeroplane fire that is being hosed with water, fully dressed and walking beneath the sea, standing on top of a futuristic house in the middle of an endless ocean. Thought provoking images, especially the videos. What is the person doing? what will happen, if anything? Shown on massive screens in a dark room which adds to the dramatic effect.

Sixteen, photos of sixteen year olds in Penzance by Michelle Sank and questionnaires they completed regarding their lives.

Very interesting to read the feelings of these young people and their hopes for the future. Quite depressing though to find such poverty and lack of hope. Tried to match up questionnaires with photos but quite tricky to do.

Cornwall Contemporary: gallery with work of many artists but with current exhibition of paintings by Maggie Matthews.

Daisy Patch and Into the Light, mixed media. Interesting technique – appears to be base layers applied and scratched back with lines and shapes where detail will be eg daisy flowers are painted within a scratched circle. Limited pallets used, usually blues, with small areas of a contrasting colour for interest. Abstract with recognisable flowers, seed pods, trees.



Nicky Huxham, Open Studio:


Interesting backgrounds of red tones with mystical figures. Also portraits in white pastel on black gesso backgrounds – interesting to see it this way around.

Lighthouse Gallery: various artists

Paintings by Rachael Mia Allen especially catch your eye – land and sea scapes of Cornwall. Uses Printing Ink to paint with – applied in many layers with rollers, credit cards and drips.

Beauty of the Bracken and Evening Stroll, realistic and vibrant colour pallet, detail in foreground fading in a misty blur towards back. Really catches the feel of the landscape in quite an abstract way.


Makers’ Emporium, Cooperative Gallery in St Just:

Starlings by Carrie Taylor, mixed media. Not sure what technique was used for this but possibly some sort of wax for branches and ink sky added after? Lovely effect.


Kurt Jackson Foundation Gallery, St Just:

Huge gallery of his paintings. Mainly the Thorn bush series of paintings of a single tree in a variety of weathers and seasons. Lots of textures add interest and depth – each painting draws you in to study the detail and marks. Incredible how diverse the paintings can be. Also Crab and Lobster series which is more a series of realistic drawings, almost textbook illustrations.



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