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Online workshop to paint a Mossy Old Woodland scene

Another 2 sessions, each 3 hours long, with Colin Pethick. I’m really beginning to struggle with concentration now as a result of lockdown, and along with our terrible internet connection, this has made it almost impossible to follow with any care so my end result really isn’t doing the teacher justice.

However I still learnt odd things just by listening so it’s never a waste of time:

  • Watch out for mixing with opaque blacks which, like titanium white, are too dominant and solid for this. Transparent black acrylic = Ivory Black (I now have some). My Daler Rowney black is opaque *** Good subs would be Paynes Grey or Mars Black.
  • Rigger brushes = long thin pointed brushes. Much longer hairs than usual so that when pressure is put on point the tip does not split and separate but stays a sharp point (as used for painting ships rigging)
  • Grey is mixed using complementary colours with white eg blue and orange, yellow and purple. (Red and green tends to give a muddy brown as there’s more red in it.)

Needs a lot more work but surprisingly good start. Atmosphere of gloomy woodland with sun coming through trees is beginning to come. More trees needed, especially in centre distance. Alternatively lead up to that circular vortex with a path or clearing rather than mossy rocks. My colours are perhaps a little too vibrant for this and should be more grey and less orange/purple. Tried painting rocks very loosely and just concentrating of getting light/dark tones in the correct places.


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